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The Discussion Forum Requirements

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Participation in the Discussion Forum is required. You need to contribute at least two posts for each Homework Assignment. These posts can be

To earn these points, a Discussion Forum post must follow certain gudelines.

Every post must contribute something.

It's fairly easy to see how answering a question or sharing something you've learned contributes toward learning.

When you need to ask a question, be willing to share how far you've gotten. The post might look something like

The assignment states that we should add a layer. I've copied and pasted the example from the web site, but nothing shows up. Here's my code
<div class="imgPlace">
<img src="JSimg.gif" width="140" height="100" alt="Class name" /<

Points will be awarded on an "All-or-Nothing" basis

I don't want to get into the trap of "Let's see, is this answer better or worse than the one three weeks ago?"

Certainly, if your post sounds like you were just trying to get something on the Forum before the cut-off date, no points will be awarded. I'm talking about something like

Boy, that's a tough one. I'd suggest getting another cup of coffee.

I believe we can trust each other.

If you don't have a question and it seems that all of the posted questions have been answered, do a little extra research on a recently covered topic and share the URL and why anyone else should be interested.

Your post might look like this.

In the last unit, we learned a little about Dublin Core. I found an interesting site that walked me through creating all of the meta tags I think I'll ever need. The URL is

Two posts (5 points each) are required for every homework assignment.

Your posts are due by the date listed under each Homework assignment. You may certainly post at any time and post as much as you want. However, to earn the points for your participation in the Discussion Forum, you must make two satisfactory posts between when the last assignment was "due" and the "due date" for the next assignment. In other words, you can't "bank" (post everything in the first couple of weeks) your posts.

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